Research Interests

My research interests broadly span American politics and can be broken into two main areas: law and courts and political psychology.  Within law and courts, I am interested in public perceptions of courts and how the judiciary itself influences these perceptions.  Within political psychology, I am interested in emotions, attitudes, and elite signals, with some earlier work looking at political socialization.  I also have a research interests in the freedom of speech and expression.  

This page will show you my published work, as well as a selection of current, ongoing projects.  Many of these projects are with incredible coauthors, and I would encourage you to check them out, too!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Published Works

Carrington, Nathan and Jeremy Walling. (2017) "The Other Elephant in the Room: Political Socialization in Classic and Contemporary Disney Films."  The Helix: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Research. 15: 43-64.

Carrington, Nathan. (2014) "Live and Let Die: The Legal Right to Euthanasia." The Helix: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Research: 12.

Current Ongoing Projects

"He Said, She Said: Elite Signal Incongruence and Partisan Policy Adaptation." 

(Data Collection Stage)

"Patriotic Acceptance: The Effect of Military Service on Tolerance to Free Speech." 

(Preparing for Submission)

"National Interest, Nationalism, and Legitimacy of the International Criminal Court." 

(Coauthored with Claire Sigsworth) (Data Collection Stage)

"Incumbent Perceptions and Supreme Court Legitimacy." 

(Coauthored with Colin French) (Data Collection Stage)